Cereal MMXII #counterparts

I have nothing.

no motivation, no constant, no one, no hope.
I’ve waited to long.


Me trying to explain anything ever.

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I don’t know where I’ve been for these past few months. I cant believe that I’ve got this low. I’ve listened to The Upside’s B side, looking for the answers.

Unfortunately, I need to part ways with my 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio.  Everything is in great condition, new tuning machines, stock humbuckers, all around excellent working condition. Few scratches, and I still have the pick guard. Comes with hard shell case. Asking $800 O.B.O. #gibson #lespaul #guitar #guitars #shred


Worthwhile - Unlovable (Live)


Do you like Hardcore or do you like people knowing you like Hardcore?


Absolutely amazing album cannot stop listening, seriously deep lyrics, in awe.
But Breathing “broken and beaten from the abuse and the cheating, the addiction, the lying and the promise of leaving.”
At Peace“Head down, cigarette in hand. Concrete, cold brick and sand to the place where she prays, where she suffers her days. Sleepless nights with the dirt, when the addiction hurts.”
Headstone” “And please don’t call me baby, it’s just too hard to hear. Leave you flowers at your headstone just sit and talk to you my dear, my dear.”
Quiet and longing ”Sunken eyes and a withering frame, the needle quiets the longing, that poison it fills, it fills the veins, so quiet when the pain comes your mothers rosary ain’t bringing father home. Blood rushes with cigarette burns, there ain’t no god coming to save her.”

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